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Long Distance (Dial Around or Home Phone)

International Dial Around (Quality, No Contract, No Extra Fees). Simply dial the access number in your city and the international long distance number
Pay a flat monthly fee and call 40+ countries for less than 1¢ per minute without any extra hidden fees or contract!
Support for iOS and Android. G3 app can dial long distance numbers on your address book. Up to 90% Savings.

Home Phone (Residential VoIP Service ). Simply dial the access number in your city and the long distance number
Keep your existing number, or pick any virtual number from major Canadian or US cities even if you don't live there
Unlimited local and long distance calling with 25+ calling features
        Call Waiting
        Three-Way Calling
        Caller ID
        more ...

G3 Telecom

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International promo rates  
   1.0¢ Australia
   1.0¢ Canada
   1.0¢ China
   1.0¢ France
   1.0¢ Germany
   1.0¢ India
   1.9¢ Japan
   1.5¢ Mexico
   1.0¢ Peru
   1.0¢ UK
   8.9¢ Bahamas
   3.5¢ Bangladesh
   1.5¢ Brazil
   19.9¢ Egypt
   8.9¢ Indonesia
   1.0¢ Italy
   5.9¢ Nigeria
   1.0¢ Poland
   3.9¢ Turkey
   9.9¢ Vietnam

About  G3Telecom

G3 Telecom owned by Telehop Communications Inc. is publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange

Established in 1999, G3 is registered with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and serves customers in both countries with over 20 million minutes processed monthly

Products include long distance, Voice over IP (VoIP) home phone, DialAround, and an international roaming service which is being offered under the sub-brand iRoam.

Low rates are possible by low operating costs, volume discounts and network used by Telna.

G3 Telecom G3 Telecom
USA: 1-888-315-3050
Canada: 1-855-323-G3G3

About Ampol Telecom

A telecommunications broker specializes in in-state, state-to-state and  international long distance using direct dial, dial around and calling cards. Ampol Telecom recommends telephone companies that provide high quality telecommunication services at low prices. Depending on your current rates and calling patterns you may save up to 80%. For most calling needs we recommend Telna, however if you make calls using international calling cards we recommend Tel3.